Sunday, July 31, 2005

moving or shutting down or something

hey guys this will be the last post on this blog, im changing it due to some people leaving comments i dont particulary like so im changing site. if you want to know what its changed too e-mail me on
nayways im gonna go now coz i got homework to do.

Friday, July 08, 2005


hey for the person who wanted to know who i am check my last post prior to this one where you asked me who i was, it tells you so i hope to hear from you soon!!!!!
x dirtyfootprints x

Friday, June 17, 2005

righty o then hiyas all its me
erm one question whos my anonymous reviewer id just like to know where you got my web address from im not mad or nothing id just like to know so next time you come on here just drop me a note and the person talking would be me dirtyfootprints oh just remembered are you from fanfic coz if you are hi who are you whats you pen name and subject? if your not then hi who are you and where you from? just let me know i wanna know im quite obsessive arent i? oh well thats just the way i am. im rambling alot today nevermind. i spose its coz i aint got anything to talk about. well im gonna go now coz im in an I.T. lesson and the teacher wants to start so see yas all


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

the results are out ladies and gentlemen!!

thats right people the results of the bird fight (which currently takes place on little rubber feets blog) are here!! the first mortifying round showed the talents of the cunning magpie vs. the scathingly annoying pigeon. and the victor is


well every one knew it would be as the pigeon is a fat bird with a brain smaller that a pea that can only just manage to remember that it has to eat though canot remember what that is so it eats whatever it can find!!!!!

stay tuned for the next epic battle between the momentarily victorious magpie and the newbie grey squirrel!!

coming soon!!!

see yas all
x x x x x x

Thursday, April 14, 2005

long time no see!!!

random the best word in the world
well i havnt written in a long time. my tooth is better now but i still cant eat chocolate on it. ive split up with my boyfriend which u would think to be a sad thing but im happier for it. it was nufin to do with him he wasnt making me miserable or n e fin its just i have a certain freedom now that i didnt have before and this is the first time iv noticed it. i gotta tell yas it feels absolutely phenominal. well iv got nufin else to say apart from gary could u check for one of those mp3s u were on about the other day id like to get one thanx.
luv rach

gary rocks and thats a fact

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

tooth ache!!!!

not a nice feeling tooth ache im sure youll agree. it started this morning by a twinge then slowly progressing into a tooth ache. by break time it was agony! in science miss let me go to the office and then i had to go home wooooooo!! but i was then taken to the dentist (not my favourite place) and i was injected with a numbing venom which wasnt nice it hurt alot but then the numb feeling in my tongue lip and teeth was very interesting. i then had to go back and have a filling. now an hour after my filling im still numb. i keeo biting my lip and tongue and not knowing till i taste blood
well see yas all
luv rach

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Weekend!!!

this weekend has been fun, my mom and dad went out of town so i had a friend over to sleep. i askeed claire she said ok so we sat up watching movies untill 11 because we got bored. we also gorged ourselves on pop corn with ginger cinamon and chocolate syrup, nice! actualy it was very tasty. we watched the butterfly effect and confessions of a teenage drama queen and gothia i seriously recomend the butterfly effect a brilliant phsycological thriller. gothika not so good jumpy but not as good as its made out to be. sunday after claire went home i just fell asleep. when i woke up i had a go on the game cube with my sister gemma and her boyfriend and fellow blogger gary (little rubber feet).
well see tyas all soon